The innovative construction system of the future. Fastresistantecologic and earthquake-proof

The Home Done building system is a product of AC Engineering, a company with a multi-year experience in the fields of constructions and mechanics.

This construction system has been developed to be modular, easy to use and flexible; the Home Done technology is based on a completely innovative way of constructing and on a unique way to intend the livable spaces.

The Home Done system has radically innovated the prefabricated construction scene allowing complete design freedom in the planning stages. Moreover, it perfectly responds to the ever-changing needs of the housing reality of our time.

In fact, Home Done promptly responds to every kind of necessity; from the realization of residential buildings, tourist facilities, public or industrial constructions, to modular emergency housing units, offering both personalized options and modular, standardized solutions.

In addition to the panels, AC Engineering has also designed and patented the industrial equipment to produce them, thus guaranteeing a high-quality product and transmitting the precision and reliability of the industrial mechanics to the construction industry.
As a result, this innovative technology allows costs to be monitored and competitive at the same time.

Technology 4.0

All the Home Done panels are fabricated using fourth generation industrial plants, developed by AC Engineering itself.

The AC Engineering industrial plant is highly automated; it has been conceived to be easy to operate, to ensure the reduction of the workforce needed to run the machines and enables the production of an extremely high quality product.


A ready home, available to be used straight away. An innovative concept of construction fast and easy to build.


A done work, solved. A READY HOUSE.

The Panel

The Home Done panels are made of a composite material made of galvanized steel wire and expanded polystyrene (EPS) at high density. These two components work extremely well together and confer to the panel is distinctive characteristics.

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Home Done provides different building solutions based on the different integration of the two main components of the panel, the EPS and the STEEL WIRE. The different kinds of panel can be integrated between each other, used independently or even used in addition to the traditional building systems.

Energy efficiency and environmental friendlyness

AC Engineering pays a lot of attention on the theme of energy saving, and one of its focus is the employment of renewable sources of energy.

Several researches have shown that the EPS is the best and most sustainable material in terms of thermal insulation and energy saving levels obtained. Therefore showing that is not only the source of a material to determine its environmental impact but even its production process, the usage stage and its life cycle.

Added value for society

AC Engineering has developed solutions with considerable social effect and low environmental impact. This firm and the Home Done construction system has given solution to housing deficit around the world, to the social emergencies, and at the same time has created great working opportunities.

The economical, environmental and social aspects interconnect between each other becoming a single reality, making the Home Done system an eco-friendly and solidary product.

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