Home Done – Rome, La Sapienza

Home Done

The Home Done system, has been the subject of a thesis in Architecture Technology by Doctor Sara Scagliotti, a student of the University of Architecture of ‘La Sapienza’ taught by the Prof. Adriana S. Sferra. The thesis has created a lot of interest in the examination commission and has granted to the student an upper first class honor degree. The graduation ceremony was attended by many important names in the field of architecture, all positively impressed by the important innovation represented by the Home Done system. Indeed, the great flexibility, resistance and versatility of the Home Done system allows a wide range of design solutions and adapts to an extensive range of housing needs such as social housing, emergency housing and  modular construction of greater dimensions and architectural and esthetic value.

Following the success had by the Doctor Sara Scagliotti and the Home Done system at the dissertation, the faculty has decided to organize a presentation event of the thesis which will involve the founder and president of AC Engineering, Angelo Candiracci, Thursday the 26th of April 2016 in Via Gramsci. The university first year students and all the interested public will have the occasion to meet the world of business and of the field innovation.