The production Technology

The new boundaries of construction.

The innovative Home Done technology allows the production of:

1  panel in reinforced EPS
in 3 minutes (5,76 mq)
160 panels in reinforced EPS
in day (921,6 mq)
4800 panels in reinforced EPS
in 1 month (27.648 mq)
58.400 panels in reinforced EPS
in 1 year (336.384mq)

(production calculated for 8-hour working shift per day)

100% client satisfaction

The entire range of Home Done panels is made using fourth generation industrial plants, developed by AC Engineering itself.

One of the main interests of the company is to research and develop new machinery prototypes and implement the engineering level of the production process. Furthermore, AC Engineering is constantly dedicated to the improvement of the efficiency of the existing productive technology.

The Home Done production technology presents an extremely high level of optimization of the productive process with the scope to ensure a great quality product bringing into the construction industry the know-how, precision and reliability of engineering.

The highly automated production plants are conceived to be easy to manage, ensure minimum workforce employment to run the machines and enable the manufacturing of a product of excellence, while lowering the wastages and therefore, the production cost. Moreover, AC Engineering pays constant attention to avoid, in all the different manufacturing phases, the operational inefficiencies related to the on-site works.

Different types of panels, one only production plant

The Home Done production plant is designed to be able to make of all the different types of panels of the Home Done family. Is possible to switch from the production of Home Done Smart panels (in reinforced EPS) to Home Done Maxi panels (with external steel mesh) simply changing the direction of the flow of work and the sequence with which the raw materials are assembled.

Only few, simple adjustments are required on the equipment to switch production between the different types of panels allowing to interchange the production in a short time.