AC Engineering

AC Engineering is an Italian firm based in Fano (PU) that operates in the construction industry. It has commercial interests and operates all over the world.

One of AC Engineering main activity is the prototyping and the engineering of the Home Done panel production process; the company is constantly researching both to enhance the machines production efficiency and to improve the constitutive elements of the panels themselves.

The development of this innovative construction system took place under the lead of Angelo Candiracci, AC Engineering’s president whom, with his 40 years’ experience in the field of construction, mechanics and engineering, has been capable to reach with the Home Done system an unprecedented level of manufacturing process optimization

Home Done

Home Done is the innovative construction system designed and developed by AC Engineering. For the first time, with the Home Done system, the precision and efficiency of 4th generation industry combines with the flexibility and specificity of construction.
HOME: modular buildings made in reinforced EPS with high performances, easy to install, with elevated levels of thermal and acoustic insulation and industrialized production.
DONE: a new way to simplify the building process, making it easy and fast.

Drexmore Home

Drexmore Home Drexmore Home is AC Engineering main production site, located in Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic.

Angelo Candiracci

“My spirit is to think of innovations to make people’s life easier and to make them live better.”

Angelo Candiracci

Founder of M2 S.p.a. and AC Engineering S.p.a., Angelo Candiracci has spent his life creating construction systems and housing solutions of every kind and for every necessity, from residential to social and emergencies.

The idea, the intuition that Angelo Candiracci had, about 40 years ago was to exploit steel tensile strength and EPS lightness and resistance to buckling, joining them together in order to take advantage of their unique characteristics.

He constantly works with one goal in mind, the firm belief that improving the quality of the building process, making it easier, will drastically improve people’s quality of life.