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The Home Done Building system is based on the association of two raw materials: steel wire and expanded polystyrene (EPS). These two components are joined together in the form of panels to exploit their main physics and technical characteristics.
The Home Done panels are made by the association of two raw materials: steel wire and expanded polystyrene (EPS). The technical characteristics of these two elements are therefore exploit to confer to the panels their unique features.

The EPS component make the panel light-weight, weather-proof, sound-proof and resistant to compression, while the steel wire component has a structural function and ensures to the panel its tensile strength.

The panels of the Home Done family presents the following features:

  • Resistant: The steel core and the extremely low specific weight of EPS allows for unparalleled results, even during earthquakes of any magnitude.
  • Lightweight: Light and easy to maneuver, the Home Done panel is a revolution for the construction industry.
  • Modular: The innovative hooking system makes the structure of the Home Done panels versatile and modular.
  • Fast:  The lightweight of the Home Done panels allows for both time and cost saving during transport and during the on-site realization phase.
  • Weather-proof: The Home Done panel allows thermal comfort beyond compare in any weather condition.
  • Sound-proof: The EPS has by itself a high sound insulation rating, which can be improved by pairing it with specific elements in case of particular needs.The same raw materials can be combined in different fashions in order to obtain very different panels, which can respond to every type on structural and architectural necessity.
  • Resistant to Hurricanes: The construction made with the panels of the Home Done system are able to withstand strong winds, making them ideal to be used in areas keen to hurricanes, typhoons and tornado. This characteristic is given by the high level of flexibility of the panels and by the galvanized steel net structure.
  • Earthquake-proof: The low EPS weight and the resistance given by the internal steel cage provide a high grade of resistance to hearthquake.
  • Cost effective: The reduced cost of the panels, the fast fitting time and the low number of workforce needed for the on-site installation and finishing of the Home Done panels, provide a high saving in terms of costs and time.

The raw materials:

High-density EPS:
Expanded polystyrene is an isotropic, homogenous polymer, characterized by a high resistance to compression and high thermal and acoustic insulation.

Galvanized steel wire:
Alloy primarily made of iron and carbon characterized by a high mechanical resistance, plasticity and ductility.

Our different types of panels

The Home Done technology allows to obtain different kinds of products that can be utilized both independently and integrated between each other or with traditional constructions. One of the main advantages of the utilization of the Home Done panels is the sensible improvement of the speed on the construction site and therefore the reduction of the overall construction cost.

Home Done SMART

Panel with reinforced EPS core that works without the use of concrete.
Fast and easy to install.

Home Done MAXI

Panel in EPS with an external double mesh made of galvanized steel wire.
Modular and handy.

Home Done WALL

Panel in EPS reinforced with metal profiles inside.
The right solution for partition and curtain-walling.

Our standard modular units

We offer different kinds of standard modular units, ready, easy to used, and of fast realization. The moduls are made of reinforced EPS panels, which is composed of an internal mesh of galvanized steel wire englobed in the sintering of EPS at high density. Completely earthquake resistant and weather-proof.

42mq A - MODULO
54mq B - MODULO
73mq A - MODULO
73mq B - MODULO

Our mobile modules and emergency modules

We offer mobiles, pre-fabricated modules and even ready modules to be utilized in emergencies status. These are ready to be used kind of units, which ensure high quality standard, good living space at a controlled cost.

Casa Mobile
Emergenza Abitativa
Emergenza Abitativa

Our custom made solutions

We offer prefabricated homes made with an innovative technology. Our starting point is the will to offer high performance residencies tailor made on our customer needs and likes, allowing extreme flexibility on the design phase and on the finishing selection. With the Home Done system is possible to construct multi-flooring buildings, villas, modules and even mobile homes made to measure.

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