Home Done MAXI

The MAXI panel is a product of the Home Done building system based on the usage of two raw materials: steel and expanded polystyrene (EPS) whose outline has been designed to allow on top the application of plaster on-site.

Maxi can be used for all the construction needs providing a faster, more economical and lighter solution compared to the traditional building methods.


The panels are composed of an EPS slab with a density of 16 Kg/m3, self-extinguishing and chemically inert. On both sides of the polystyrene slab, there is an electro-welded steel wire mesh cold-drawned and galvanized. The meshes on both sides of the EPS slab are connected between each other by steel connectors with the same characteristics of the mesh itself.


After being installed, the MAXI panel has to be finished by the application of plaster on top. If the MAXI panel is used as ceiling slab then it will be plaster using wet concrete while if the MAXI panel is used as supporting wall both the sides will be sprayed with micro cement or otherwise plastered with the traditional or pre-mixed compounds for partition plastering.


To join several MAXI panels is a very easy and fast procedure, it does not require specialized labor force or specific tools.

The right and left end of the MAXI panel is provided with a part of metallic mesh overhanging from the EPS slab. This overhanging part overlaps with the next panel allowing an easy joint of the adjacent panels, ensuring at the same time, structural flow to the entire construction.

The adjacent panels are fixed together permanently either through a pneumatic stapler or steel wire and bolt cutter.

This step has to be done very carefully and no gaps have to be left in the joints between the EPS panels so to achieve a good level of insulation, and avoid an uneven settling and drying of the plaster.

Galvanized steel wire meshes

Longitudinal wires: φ2.4 mm ogni 100 mm
Crosscutting wires: φ2.4 mm ogni 100 mm
Connecting wires: φ3.0 (about 40 per m2 with double connectors)

Steel characteristics
Typical yield strength fyk > 600 N/mmq
Typical tensile tension ftk > 680 N/mmq

EPS Slab

Density: 16 kg/m³
Thickness: 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160 millimetri

Thickness Density Weight Heat Resistance Thermal Transmittance
60 mm 16 kg/m³ 2,60 kg/m² 1,62 W/m² K 0,62 W/m² K
80 mm 16 kg/m³ 2,97 kg/m² 2,16 W/m² K 0,46 W/m² K
100 mm 16 kg/m³ 3,35 kgf/ml 2,70 W/m² K 0,37 W/m² K
120 mm 16 kg/m³ 3,72 kgf/ml 3,24 W/m² K 0,31 W/m² K
140 mm 16 kg/m³ 4,10 kg/m² 3,78 W/m² K 0,26 W/m² K
160 mm 16 kg/m³ 4,47 kg/m² 4,33 W/m² K 0,23 W/m² K