Home Done SMART

The SMART panel is a revolutionary product of the Home Done building system based on the usage of two raw materials: steel and expanded polystyrene (EPS).

The SMART panel has been designed to be a reinforced wall able to provide the same mechanical performances of reinforced concrete without the use of cement.


The SMART panel has a structure made of reinforced EPS, composite material which includes a structure in galvanized steel wire at high resistance, electro-tridirectionally welded, incorporated in the sintering of high-density EPS (45 Kg/m3) self-extinguishing and chemically inert.

The SMART panel is extremely versatile and can be utilized for every kind of building need ensuring a faster, more economical and lighter solution compared to all the traditional construction systems.


The Housing units are formed linking together the panels through an innovative hooking system, easy and resistant, that makes all the structures built with the SMART panel modular and versatile.

The assembling operations do not require the employment of specialized labor and specific equipment because the adjacent panels are simply hooked between each other using only a wrench.

The SMART panel is versatile and can be utilized both as a structural panel and as a partition panel or curtain walling.

It is possible to choose, according to the requirements, the dimensions, the thickness and the density of the EPS slab.

Panel length 2600 mm 3200 mm
EPS Density 16 kg/m³ 30 kg/m³ 45 kg/m³
Thickness 80 mm 100 mm 120 mm 160 mm

Moreover, is even possible to choose some characteristics of the reinforced steel cage inside the panel.

For the structural panels internal reinforcement is possible to choose between 2 and 4 nets with 100 mm pitch and with series of double connectors every 100 mm or 200 mm. Furthermore, is possible to reinforce the SMART structural panels adding to the steel cage steel profiles arranged lengthwise.

For partition panels or curtain walling are available lighter solutions made of 2 nets  with 200 mm pitch and series of double connectors placed at 200 mm between each other.


The reduced weight of the SMART panel ensures great lightness, optimal handling and transportability; a square meter of SMART panel have a greatly smaller specific weight compared to the equivalent in concrete.

Mechanical characteristics of EPS
Density kg/m³ 18 kg/m³ 22 kg/m³
Tension of compression at 10%
of deformation
0,07-0,12 N/mm² 0,07-0,12 N/mm²
Tensile strength 0,15-0,23 N/mm² 0,25-0,32 N/mm²
Flex resistance 0,16-0,21 N/mm² 0,25-0,30 N/mm²
Shear strength 0,09-0,12 N/mm² 0,12-0,15 N/mm²
Tensile module at compression 3,8-4,2 N/mm² 4,4-5,4 N/mm²
Mechanical characteristics of steel wire
Density 7,87 kg/dm³
Tensile module 200.000 MPa
Yield strength > 600 MPa