Home Done WALL

The WALL panel is a product of the Home Done building system based on the usage of two raw materials: steel and axpanded polystyrene (EPS).

The WALL panel is a specific product designed to be used for curtain walling and partitions providing a faster, lighter and more cost-effective solution than the traditional construction methods. Moreover, the WALL panel provides thermal, acoustic insulation and is resistant to even strong wind.


The panels are composed of an EPS slab available in several densities (18 Kg/m3, 22 Kg/m3), internally reinforced with ‘C section’ profiles in galvanized steel 8/10 mm thick.

Moreover, even the panel dimensions and the thickness of the EPS slab can be fine-tuned according to the construction needs.

Length To a max of 9 meters
Width (mm) 600 1200
Thickness (mm) 80 100 120 140 160

To join several WALL panels is a very easy and fast procedure, it does not require specialized labor force or specific tools.

The panel has been designed with a male-female type of joint. On one side the panels has a lengthwise profiling running through all the span of the panel which interlocks with the indented side of the next panel. This type of joint creates a very tight link between different panels.


The reduced weight of the WALL panel ensures great lightness, optimal handling and transportability; a square meter of WALL panel have a greatly smaller specific weight compared to the equivalent in concrete.

Mechanical characteristics of the EPS
Density kg/m³ 18 kg/m³ 22 kg/m³
Tension of compression at 10%
of deformation
0,07-0,12 N/mm² 0,07-0,12 N/mm²
Tensile Strength 0,15-0,23 N/mm² 0,25-0,32 N/mm²
Flex Resistance 0,16-0,21 N/mm² 0,25-0,30 N/mm²
Shear Strength 0,09-0,12 N/mm² 0,12-0,15 N/mm²
Tensile module at compression 3,8-4,2 N/mm² 4,4-5,4 N/mm²
Mechanical characteristics of the steel profile
Density 7,87 kg/dm³
Tensile module 200.000 MPa
Yield strength 350 MPa

The EPS of which the WALL panel is made confers to it optimal thermal insulation characteristics, helping to improve the energy efficiency rating of the structures made with it; bettering, at the same time, the energy saving.

Density18 kg/m³
Thickness [cm] 8 10 12 14 16
R[m³ K/W] 2,10 2,63 3,16 3,68 4,21
U[W/m³ K] 0,48 0,38 0,32 0,28 0,24
Density 22 kg/m³
Thickness [cm] 8 10 12 14 16
R[m³ K/W] 2,29 2,86 3,43 4,00 4,57
U[W/m³ K] 0,44 0,35 0,29 0,25 0,22

Thanks to the homogenous EPS cellular structure, able to lessen the sound wave propagation, the WALL panel ensures optimal acoustic insulation and sound proofing performances.

Type Compressibility Dinamic stiffness
EPS T CP level from prospect
12 of the norm
CP level from prospect
10 of the norm

The equipment list needed for the installation of the WALL panels is listed below:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Bubble level
  • Nail gun
  • Screwdriver
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Hot cutter
  • Ladder
Panel Thickness EPS Density Weight Thermal Transmittance Wind-load
80 mm 18 kg/m³ 5,63 kg/m² 0,45 W/m² K 76 km/h
22 kg/m³ 5,95 kg/m² 0,43 W/m² K 76 km/h
100 mm 18 kg/m³ 5,99 kg/m² 0,36 W/m² K 95 km/h
22 kg/m³ 6,39 kg/m² 0,34 W/m² K 95 km/h
120 mm 18 kg/m³ 6,35 kg/m² 0,30 W/m² K 110 km/h
22 kg/m³ 6,83 kg/m² 0,29 W/m² K 110 km/h
140 mm 18 kg/m³ 6,71 kg/m² 0,26 W/m² K 118 km/h
22 kg/m³ 7,27 kg/m² 0,25 W/m² K 118 km/h
160 mm 18 kg/m³ 7,07 kg/m² 0,22 W/m² K 125 km/h
22 kg/m³ 7,71 kg/m² 0,21 W/m² K 125 km/h

The characteristics listed abouve correspond to the panel only. Adding coverings such as plasterboard, fibre-cement etc. the panel resistance improve drastically