The MAXI panel is a product of the Home Done construction system based on the use of two raw materials: steel and expanded polystyrene sheets (EPS), whose shape has been designed to allow the application of structural plaster on site.

MAXI can be used for all construction needs, guaranteeing a quicker, cheaper and lighter solution than traditional construction solutions.


The panels are made of an EPS sheet with a density of 16 Kg/m3, self-extinguishing and chemically inert. On both sides of the polystyrene slab are placed electro-welded meshes made of cold-drawn and galvanised steel wire, then connected by steel connectors with the same characteristics. After assembly, the MAXI panel is completed with a jet of concrete if used as a floor, or sprayed on both sides with micro-cement if used as a load-bearing wall, or traditional or pre-mixed plaster for partitions and/or curtain walls.


Joining MAXI panels is a quick and easy process that does not require specialised labour or tools. MAXI panels have a wire mesh flap at both ends, which overlaps with the next panel and allows the operator to easily join adjacent panels, ensuring structural continuity to the whole. The anchorage between the two adjacent panels is carried out using either pneumatic clamps or, more simply, iron wire and pliers. This step must be carried out with extreme care and no gaps must be left between the joints of the different polystyrene panels in order to obtain a good level of insulation and avoid uneven shrinkage of the concrete.