Continuity and regularity promote virtuous structural behaviour. What if we could have a product that not only increased the thermal characteristics but also increased the capacity to absorb seismic action?

MAXI Seismothermal Coat answers to all this. Applied on existing buildings, it can guarantee not only an improvement in the energy class, but also an increase of up to 2 seismic classes IS-V and a general improvement of the checks in static conditions.


MAXI Seismothermal Coat is made up of a slab shaped on both sides, made of self-extinguishing sintered expanded polystyrene, density 15 kg/m³, standard width 112.5 cm, variable height and thickness, reinforced with 3 metal meshes of which 2 meshes positioned on one side and one net positioned on the other, continuously welded by electrofusion of mesh with 100 mm pitch crossbars made of galvanised steel wire with a diameter of 2.5 mm, connected by galvanised steel through connectors with a diameter of 3.0 mm at a rate of 50 per sqm.

Installation is carried out by positioning the panel towards the wall, on the side with the 2 meshes, with the insertion of special ETAG-2020 certified fixing plugs at a rate of at least 6 per sqm, guaranteeing a suitable depth of anchorage in the sound part of the wall support.

The installation is completed by casting concrete C 25/30 between the panel and the existing wall and sprayed concrete C 25/30, with an average thickness of 2.5 cm, on the external side and levelling.