It was on the basis of this sentiment that Angelo Candiracci had an idea, an intuition, over 40 years ago: to combine the high tensile strength of steel with the lightness and compressive strength of EPS. Founder of Emmedue S.p.A. and AC Engineering S.r.l., Angelo Candiracci has dedicated his life to offering construction systems and housing solutions of all kinds, both residential and social. Tireless and always attentive to every detail, his work is constantly aimed at enhancing the quality and simplicity of his construction and production system in order to improve the quality of life of those who choose his solutions.

“Thinking of new products that can simplify people’s lives and make them live better. This is my belief”.

AC Engineering is an Italian company based in Fano (Pesaro e Urbino) operating in the construction sector, whose business activities are spread all over the world. AC Engineering is mainly involved in the prototyping and engineering of the production process and the improvement of the efficiency of both the machinery used to produce the panels of the Home Done construction system and the construction elements of the panel itself. The development of the innovative Home Done construction system is based on the many years of experience of the President, Angelo Candiracci, who has been working successfully in the building and mechanical industry for more than 40 years and who, with Home Done, has achieved an unparalleled process and product optimisation.

Home Done is the innovative construction system designed and developed by AC Engineering, which for the first time combines the precision and production capacity of 4th generation industrial activity with the flexibility and specificity of the building industry.

HOME: modular buildings in reinforced EPS characterised by high performance, a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation, industrialised production and easy installation.

DONE: a new way of simplifying the construction process, making site activities quick and easy.

Drexmore Home is AC Engineering’s main production site that is located in Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic.